Why is a Café Barbera franchise the “perfect business?

Out of ten owners, generally, four will be husband and wife management teams, three will be manage-the-manager and three will be owner-operated by individuals who all have a passion for authentic Italian coffee, fresh, healthy foods and “the good life” experience that only a true Italian coffee house can provide. We all truly enjoy people, the social atmosphere, and the financial opportunity that our stores provide.

What amount of capital will be required to open my location?

Including the initial fee of $35,000, your total investment can range from a low of $187,000 to a high of $305,000 providing you negotiate within the startup recommendations and if you opt to sign an Area Development Agreement that will allow you to develop from 2 to 5 business locations in a designated territory.

What is the cost of opening a Cafè Barbera franchise?

Basic Costs: Total Investment Range $187,000 – $305,000, which includes the initial Franchise fee of $35,000.

What type of fees are associated with operating my center once it’s opened?

There is a Weekly Continuing License Fee that is 6% of Gross Revenues received from the previous week’s operations. There is a Marketing and Technology Fund Fee of $350 per month. And, you must spend $500 each month or 1% of your Gross Revenues each month, whichever is the lesser amount, on Local Advertising Expenditures.

What will be my monthly overhead and break-even point?

At the appropriate time in the interviewing process, you will discuss with Cafe’ Barbera your pre-ownership business plan, which contains the financial aspects of pricing, fixed and variable expenses and your bill paying calendar. Respectively, each owner differs monthly to market rent, salaries, advertising, loan repayment and personal business choices. Your goal is to oversee a low monthly budget and accelerate your break-even point.

How long does it take for an application to be pre-approved?

The application process usually takes 1 day once we receive our completed confidential application.

If we do not have a location, will you get one for us?

Though we make no guarantees on locations, Cafè Barbera has a team of experienced Real Estate Professionals that will assist you throughout the location selection process. They will help you select the site as well as negotiate the lease.

What is the recommended location size?

750 – 2,150 square feet.

How much income will the store generate? How long is the ROI?

In accordance with FTC franchise law, we are unable to provide this information or any kind of assumption on this matter.

Do we have to buy all supplies from you?

Supplies are purchased from Cafè Barbera approved vendors.

How long will it take to open a store?

Once a location is secured and the construction permit has been issued, construction usually takes 10-12 weeks.

Do you provide training?

Yes Cafè Barbera will provide initial training, ongoing training, and ongoing support as deemed needed.

What about a website to support my store?

You will benefit from the Cafè Barbera National Consumer website as part of your monthly Marketing and Technology Fund Fee which also contains each franchisee’s individual Micro-Site.The purpose of the National Consumer website is to establish and promote the Cafè Barbera brand to attract retail business for our franchisees. Visitors to the website will encounter the Franchisee Location Finder, allowing them to find the Cafè Barbera nearest to them. You will be provided your own individual, personalized location Micro-Site for your franchise.

What other marketing support is available?

From the Cafè Barbera National Consumer website you will have Subscription and Password access to our Media Manager containing Downloadable Print and Digital Marketing materials and programs, and the ability to order television and radio ads and bulk advertising materials as made available by us from time to time. Through the Media Manager you will also have access to our approved Advertising and Graphic Design Provider to request the development of advertising materials on your behalf for your store location. You must pay the Provider directly for materials created on your behalf and they must be approved by us prior to being ordered.